14- Gobachop Market Turns into Ghost Camp

The 14- Gobachop market in the Omega community is gradually turning into a ghost camp.

The market was recently dedicated by the CDC government to ease the tension of inadequate market space in the red-light Gobachop area, the free flow of business, as well as reducing traffic between markets and buyers.

But just months after its dedication, the market has turned into a ghost camp with the marketers returning to redlight due to what they termed as the “slow pace” of business transactions in the area.

The situation has spiked different reactions among them with most marketers threatening to return to the relight market if the government refuses to intervein.

Unlike the Old Omega Market constructed during the administration of former President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, people selling at the new 14 Omega market are below ten people.

The market structure is believed to have over 3000 selling spaces, offices, bathrooms, warehouses, car parking, and electricity for better business transactions.

Speaking with K-news, Veronica Dahn- a marketer at the Old Omega Market threatened to return to redlight if care is not taken.

Madam Dahn said, due to the slow pace of business, she is hugely indebted. She wants the government to prevail on her colleague in redlight to return to the Omega Market

“Your please tell the president to help us because we dying slowly… they can take the people from redlight and bring us here at omega or all of us will go redlight,” she said.

Speaking with k-news, the Superintendent called on the government to intervene. According to him, the marketer’s businesses are not being purchased, and most of them have been jailed for several months for debt.

“The best way forward is for the government to appeal to the people to come back here in omega or else, this place will turn into a huge forest,” the superintendent Jallah said.

Meanwhile, days after k-news visited the market scene and was reported, the Chairman of the ruling establishment, Mulbah Morlu revealed plains by the government to intervene in the situation.

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