22-Year-Old Sent to Prison for Alleged Murder

MONROVIA – The Monrovia City Court has incarcerated 22-year-old Moses Dayougar on charges of murder, categorized as a first-degree felony as per the Liberian law.

Moses Dayougar, the defendant, was arrested, read his Miranda rights, investigated, and subsequently charged with murder, a violation of Chapter 14, Section 14.1 of the revised penal law of the Republic of Liberia. The alleged act of murder is believed to have been deliberately and intentionally committed by the defendant.

Police investigations unveiled that the incident occurred on the morning of Tuesday, August 15, 2023, between 7 and 8 AM. It is reported that an altercation took place between defendant Dayougar and the deceased, identified as Dukuly, regarding the disposal of waste. This argument escalated into a physical confrontation.

The victim, Dukuly, expressed disapproval of the defendant’s act of dumping waste into a drainage system under construction by the East Construction group of companies. In response, defendant Dayougar allegedly rebuffed him, stating that he was not representing the institution.

The confrontation between the two intensified, leading to a physical altercation. Bystanders intervened, urging them to cease the conflict and disperse. However, the disagreement escalated once more, with both parties brandishing potentially dangerous objects—scissors and an empty mayonnaise jar—as they exchanged heated arguments and insults. It was during this altercation that defendant Dayougar purportedly stabbed Dukuly with the scissors he possessed. Dukuly succumbed to his injuries at the ELWA hospital on the same day.

Police investigations concluded that the victim, Amara Dukuly, died from injuries sustained during the altercation with defendant Dayougar on August 15, 2023, within the pipeline community. The charge sheet states that Dukuly was stabbed multiple times with a pair of scissors.

After realizing the gravity of his actions, defendant Dayougar attempted to flee the scene but was chased down by an angry crowd, who handed him over to the police. Subsequently, he was taken to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital for medical examination after the mob prevented his escape.
During the police investigation, defendant Dayougar confessed to the crime, admitting to using a pair of blue scissors in self-defense during the altercation. The scissors mentioned by Dayougar have not been located as of yet.

Presently, the defendant has been remanded to prison until his trial commences in a court of competent jurisdiction. In Liberia, murder is a non-bailable offense, and if proven guilty, individuals can face either the death penalty or life imprisonment.

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