A Big Crown on a Small Head; A Sad Truth About Reigning Miss Liberia Veralyn Vonleh

Liberia’s 25th Miss Veralyn Vonleh

PAYNESVILLE – Pageantry in Liberia has taken a different dimension with many potential young ladies taking a drive into modeling. There are lots of different organizations in Liberia that are organizing beauty pageants with the intent of helping young ladies and men showcase their modeling skills as well as identifying and improving their God-given talents. There’s no doubt that even in various high schools, pageantry is massively replacing the queen contest.

Of all the different pageantry platforms in Liberia, XL Entertainment’s Miss Liberia Franchise seems to be the biggest, most recognized, and most influential one. It seems to possess all the attributes of Miss Liberia- the dream of most young ladies that are into or getting into pageantry.

The Franchise got her first Queen, Miss Agnes Elizabeth Anderson in 1962 and has since been able to produce influential ladies as queens which include: Miss Wilhelmina N. Brownell (1968), Miss Antoinette Coleman (1969), Miss Snoti Muna Forh (2005) it’s most influential Queen, Wokie Dolo (2017) and many others.

However, emerging as the 25th queen of the franchise and taking the crown from Miss Wokie Dolo who stayed for five years holding the position, is beautiful Miss Veralyn Vonleh.

Miss. Vonleh represented Rivercess County in the 2022 edition of the pageant. Emerging as the winner came as a surprise with lots of controversies as Montserrado County’s Willimena Brown, Bong County’s Georgia Bemah, and Grand Cape Mount County’s Joicet Foday were the top three favorites for the crown as per followers’ views and expert analysis.

Despite her surprise victory, snatching the crown from the most influential bearer is a big shoe for anyone to wear and Miss Veralyn Vonleh should have reminded herself on the very day the crown landed on her head.

However, after silently wearing the crown roughly for eleven months now, it (brand and crown) seems to be a “BIG CROWN ON A SMALL HEAD”, as she is barely seen engaged in initiatives as Miss Liberia to inspire those ladies wanting to come after her. Vonleh is doing nothing to keep the brand name on the lips of its supporters. Guess what? The last time she did a post on her official Facebook page was on January 27, 2023…Lol

She is not branding herself- an essential attitude for any public figure. A celebrity that doesn’t brand his/herself is like a fried butter-beans soup that doesn’t give out an aroma.
This poor branding attitude is affecting Miss Vonleh.

On her last tour to Kakaka, Margibi County during the Margibi Inter-High School Miss Green Planet Pageant Grand finale, while standing at the DJ’s booth charging her phone, she was pushed by organizers and supporters of the pageant because nobody knew she was the great Miss Liberia, Veralyn Vonleh.

There was no recognition from the MCs, no recognition from the organizers, and no recognition from anyone…It’s sad indeed. Why was she there in the first place, how did she go there, who invited her and why was she alone and standing at a DJ’s booth to charge her phone? That’s something she would’ve done in her car, or her seat using a power bank, or better still, send someone to do it for her.

With this unfolding, there is a serious need for the Miss Liberia team to assist Miss Veralyn with her branding and bookings to protect the face of the Franchise. She should not be seen as vulnerable around. Every title comes with some level of class and distinction. One lifestyle before a certain title should not be the same. There are limits to how you go out, there are limits to what you do when you go out, there are limits to where you go and there are limits to who you go with.

By Sagacious Abraham N. Gorlortor

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