A Dangerous Game Petroleum importers/ GoL playing with the Liberian People

The indignities way the Government and Importers are playing with the population may one day come to a head, when choosing will break loose to replace greed and societal hardship place on the public by either government tariff increment or the open greed imposed on consumers by the Petroleum importers in Liberia.

Without a single doubt, it is believe that the repair or construction of a brand new refinery could bring sanity to the guarding of Petroleum products at will, be it business people and company who take pride in exploiting every situation they can place their hands on, to bring pains and sufferings to the general public all in the name of profiteering: most especially to the masses who have to suffer the consequences at all times.

It will interest you to know that on Sunday, June 6, 2022, gas at the pump was completely gone, but all the roadside boys had fuel in large quantities selling between LD $1,200 to LD $1,400 in Monrovia and her environs.

The issue was never the non-availability of the product on the market or in the country, it is believe to be a stage setting to carry out another massive increase that only the public will bear without sentiment- these cruel nature and ways these hoardings are taking place, leave much said about the stable courtesy to bring sanity to the pricing system.

Whilst the Petroleum importers would say there is increase in the product cost on the international market, it is also believed that such increase did not affect the already purchased product on the market, nor should it lead to direct and immediate increase in the product already on the market in country- these acts could be considered criminal in nature.

On the other hand, the usage of the masses at every point by the petroleum importers and marketers would have little effect, if the government of Liberia, had reserve capacity to meet demand when such product is hoarded by the importers. Unfortunately, these far sighted reasoning seems far-fetched, so the citizens will continue to suffer at the expense of the government tariffs and the consistent sky rising  of local pricing to aid greater profit by the Importers and local Petroleum marketers collectively.

It is worth noting that on Monday June 7, 2022, these products began finding their way to the petrol stations and the price sold on the weekend by the local Boys, have dropped desperately.

What message does such madness send to the public? That on a Sunday, government have down tools, the petroleum marketers can use the black market which avails itself on Sunday to exploit the population extremely well, as the price of one gallon which would cost 750 Liberian dollar, doubled and by Monday morning prices dropped extremely.

However, Siaffa Milton, one of several persons in conversation with K-NEWS on the old road expressed frustration over the situation.

He stressed the need to authenticate if the gas stations for real did not have gas or were applying greed in punishing the Liberian population who are already facing economy hardship even more.

Meanwhile, what should bother the public, is the demand to both sides, one is requesting a 1usd increase and then have it shared equally between both importers and government, whilst the other side is demanding a 2.50usd increase, Lord have Mercy on the populace and keep the nation from crisis.

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