A New beginning for Women’s Football as Ethiopian Coach Set to lead Liberia Women’s National Team

Former Ethiopian women’s national team Coach, Selam Zeray, has been appointed as the new coach of the Liberian women’s national team.

Zeray, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) instructor signed a two-year contract to manage the Liberian national team.

In addition to coaching the under-15, under-17, and under-20 sides, Selam has committed to coach the Liberian women’s national team.

Previously, Selam coached the Akaki Kality football club women’s team and the Ethiopian youth squad.

“The contract is for two years, with the potential of getting a one-year extension. After two years, the contract will be cancelled if I or they are not satisfied. Depending on how we perform, we may explore adding more years,” Selam said.

According to reports, Coach Selam is motivated to oversee the national team qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and developing women’s football in the country.

Selam was one of eight finalists after a five-month vetting process.

Who is Selam?

After beginning her coaching career, Selam stopped playing soccer and began coaching men’s soccer. She has served as head coach of both the Ethiopian senior women’s national team and the youth team, including St. George’s women’s team, during Olympic and African Cup qualifying rounds.

Coach Selam has worked as a CAF instructor for Ethiopia for several years and coached the Akaki Kaliti women’s squad in the most recent season.

There are no records of Ethiopian coaches previously taking over national teams in other countries, though male coaches have coached teams in Sudan and Yemen.

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