Abandoned Liberia National Amputee Football Team Cries for Support

Liberia’s Amputees National Soccer team is appealing to the Chief Patron of Sports Dr. George Weah to help sponsor their trip to Ghana to participate in their first Paralympic games in Accra.

The competition according to the organizers, is scheduled between September 3-12, 2023.

Their action is a result of ongoing speculation that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is unable to provide finance for their trip.

Making a passionate appeal Wednesday on behalf of the team, the President of the Liberia Amputees Football and Sports Association, Cooper George said, President Weah needs to see reasons in supporting like he did in the past and he believes that the Chief Executive is capable of listening to their plights once more.

“We are passionately calling on the President of the Republic of Liberia Dr. George Weah to please help us transport the boys to Ghana to participate in this year’s Paralympic games to be hosted in Accra”. Said George Cooper

Liberia amputees national football team is the highest winner of the amputees African Nations Cup with record three titles, runners-up twice, and a third-place finish. They finished as runners-up once in a World Cup to Turkey.

Meanwhile, the President of Liberia amputees football and Sports Association Cooper George believes that they can win their first Paralympic trophy if they are transported to participate in this year’s edition for the first time.

“We are the most successful National football team in Liberia and if the needed support is coming we can win more trophies and bring smiles to Liberia”. George Cooper added.

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