African Liberation League Handpicks Former UN Diplomat as Running Mate

PAYNESVILLE- African Liberation League (ALL) has unveiled Mr. Simeon M.B Moribah as Vice running mate to Mrs. Sara Beyslow Nyanti in the upcoming October 10 Presidential and Legislative elections.

Making the disclosure at a gathering in the Battery Factory Community, Mrs. Nyanti said the selection is based on Mr. Moribah’s ability and knowledge in human resource development over the years.

She believes that with Moribah’s services over the years, he is capable to work with her for a better Liberia.

“This man you see here today is a selfless person who have stood and represented this Country during its critical moments (War)” she profiled.

In his acceptance message, Mr. Moribah said with collaboration, they will ensure that the Country is transformed for the better. He used the occasion to discourage voters from selling their votes; according to him, those that buy votes do not have a clear vision to transform the lives of the citizens in the Country.

He also frowned at politicians in Liberia that often travel to other countries but refused to implement what they see in their own country.

He said, “Politicians travel and see good things, come back and refuse to implement them in their own Country. What a shame”.

“Other Countries are far ahead but Liberia still struggles for development because it has always had the wrong set of leaders” Moribah laments.

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