Alleged Murderer Varlee Tarlee Distances Himself from Attack on Cllr. Musu-Scott’s Family

Following several claims linking him to the gruesome attack on the former chief justice, accused Monrovia City Police officer, Varlee Tarlee has denied all allegations.

It can be recalled on Thursday morning February 23, 2023, a group of arm-robbers attacked the home of the former Justice Minister and took away the life of her daughter, and injured several people at her Browerville residence outside Monrovia.

Following the attack, accusing fingers continue to be pointed at Tralee, a former warlord now a member of the Monrovia city police.

However, addressing a press conference late Monday at the Monrovia City Hall suspects Varlee Tralee openly denied all allegations leveled against him.

“I don’t know the former chief justice in person and I don’t even know her house or her well about, these are all mere allegations meant to damage my character that I have built for years,” Varlee Tarlee said.

Suspect Varlee Tarlee said it’s Astonishing to hear such dubious allegation leveled against him and circulating the social media, radio stations, and other media outlet that is linked with the gruesome attack against former Maryland County Senator and Chief Justice Madam Gloria Musu-Scott and took away the life of her daughter and injured several people at her Browerville resident outside Monrovia.

The press conference was also attended by the director of the Monrovia city police who also testified that the alleged murder is far from such an act stating suspect Varlee Tralee is a professional officer and has a good character since he became part of the Monrovia city police.

Col. Thomas Garwo continually stated that for the last time, suspect Varlee has been working individually he has never witnessed any bad character of such thus asserting that it is outside of the rules and regulations that governed the Monrovia city police.

“I can say this to you that officer Tarlee behavior and character has proved that he is not the same person he used to be simple means he used to be, since he join the Monrovia city police, his character and behavior has change, Tarlee is far from this act the allegations are false and mis-leading,” said Thomas Garwo.

Col. Thomas Garwo has also disproved photos circulating social media allegedly belonging to Varlee Tarlee, he said it was fake and only intended to tarnish his reputation.

Varlee Tarlee is a former war-lord and a former complete rebel leader, a Liberian, and Muslim by religion who worked for the Monrovia city cooperation as a mere patrol officer. Varlee lives in Browerville and Banjor situated in District 17 Montserrado County outside Monrovia.

By: Daniel Cole

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