Amb. Brown Cautions Liberians Against Voting Incopentent Leader Again

Liberia’s former permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Lewis Brown said the suffering of Liberians is due to the lack of leadership, vision, and education of President George Weah.

Brown said the failure of President Weah to transform and improve the country in six-year is a clear indication Pres. Weah’s incompetency as a leader.

‘Education is the way out of poverty anybody who told you that book does not matter you have seen what he has done in six years by knowing no book’ Ambassador brown.

‘They told your books don’t matter because books don’t matter Liberian men and women are climbing on Lebanese man fence for rice because books don’t matter he added.

Brown who is a leader of team Cummings 2023 maintained that six years is the best time for any leader to do their best something he said president Weah fails to do.

‘Everywhere in the world, the first year is the best ears for any President, because it is the time you should show the people what you can do to be reelected, so I want to see who’s thoughtless here to reelect the President for dancing and playing ’ he furthered.

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