ANC Accuses Weah’s Gov’t of Masterminding Attack Against Independence Day Anti-Gov’t Protesters

MONROVIA – The opposition Alternative National Congress said there are overwhelming evidence that the Liberian Government financed the attack on peaceful demonstrators on July 26 in Monrovia.

On July 26th 2022  Liberia’s independence day anniversary, members of the Coalition for Democratic Change-Council of Patriots brutalized peaceful demonstrators, mainly students of the University of Liberia   in the presence of officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

Speaking in an interview with the Voice of America Nightline Africa, ANC Secretary General, Counselor Aloysius Toe, said those responsible for the attack must swiftly be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with law in order to serve as a deterrent.

Counselor Toe demanded that the Liberian government should immediately arrest the members of the CDC –COP seen attacking the students and circulated on the social media.

The protest, code named: “Fix The Country Campaign,” coincided with the independence day celebration on July 26th 2022 in Monrovia.

The protest was aimed at pressurizing President George Weah to keep his campaign promises and solve the social and economic challenges facing the country.

Since the CDC-COP attack the peaceful demonstration, there have been widespread criticism of the Liberian Government for its reluctance to immediately arrest the perpetrators of the violence against the students.

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