ANC Rejects Sodomy Allegation by LNP, Termed As Attempt By CDC To Associate Cummings With Criminal Behavior

Following reports by the Liberian National Police of arresting a man believe to be a security in the office of the Political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), apartment complex (Saba Suites), of sodomizing a 16 year of boy, the party has refuted reports claiming Matthew Kerkula,  as a “domestic staff working in the compound of Mr. Alexander Cummings as Security.”

According to a release from the party, Matthew Kerkula, is not a domestic staff or security in Mr. Cummings compound and does not work for Mr. Cummings adding that never has he.

“What our investigation shows is that Matthew is a subcontractor or employee of the Liberia Commerce Trading Center (LCTC) headed by Mr. Paul Yeenie. Mr. Cummings’ property, Saba Suites, periodically contracts with LCTC to clean its pool and has no control over who they sub-contract or hire to provide the service. We expect Mr. Paul Yennie, CEO of LCTC to immediately issue a statement confirming that Matthew Kerkula is his employee.” the release said.

The party termed as a blatant lie and evil propaganda by the LNP, a government entity, and an attempt by the government and President George Weah to associate Mr. Cummings with criminal behavior, thereby impugning his integrity.

The opposition political party through her release call on the LNP as an institution to be guided by best practices and professional ethics of Policing to investigate and authenticate information especially obtained from a suspected criminal before releasing to the public.

“It is important to state that Mr. Cummings strongly opposes rape, any form of sexual abuse and violence, and calls on the government to ensure that perpetrators of these crimes are brought to justice” the release added.
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