ANC Summersaults Over Missing Youth Chairman, Says Phone Ran out of Current

MONROVIA – The opposition Alternative National Congress has reported that its national Youth Chairman, James P. Morris has been found and was not missing at all as; contrary to what it reported earlier.

The ANC, through its stalwarts, misled the public when it falsely alarmed on Saturday that its youth Chair had not been seen in the last 24 hours since he left the party’s headquarters to attend a birthday party in Sinkor.

Writing on her Facebook page on Saturday, August 13, Atty. Moriah Yeakula, the former Chief of Staff and top advisor of ANC’s political leader Alexander B. Cummings said “The police has been notified but they said we cannot file a missing person report yet. They claim it’s too early even though it’s been 24hrs. We are now checking hospitals and the mortuary out of extreme caution. If you have any information, please reach out!!! Please share this info and help us find James.”

Writing further, Atty. Yeakula said it was so eerie and unnerving that the ANC Youth Chair got missing on the same day the UP Chairman’s house got burned by alleged arson. “The government MUST take these cases seriously!! James must be found safe and sound!” she warned.

Her post soon generated concerns from the public, including the opposition community and the Government of Liberia and led to a vigorous search that extended to hospitals and mortuaries.

Bizarre Twist

However, few hours later, Atty. Yeakula, went back to her Facebook page and in a somewhat bizarre post, announced that Morris has returned home.

“We have just been notified by the family of James P. Morris, our ANC national Youth Chairman that he has returned home safe and sound. James was out of communication because his phone has lost charge. We want to thank everyone for raising the alarm and providing information to ascertain his whereabouts ensure his safety.”

She continued: “In these uncertain times, we have the responsibilities to bring attention to any person who cannot be accounted for in a 24-hour period and err on the side of caution.

“We are happy that James is at home with his family and we want to thank the partisans and the general public and the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of State for their assistance in this matter.”

Meanwhile, the ANC’s poor handling of the whereabouts of its youth chairman has garnered a public debate; with a segment of the public expressing their disappointment that such respectable political party will choose to mislead the public in raising a false and unnecessary alarm to create panic.

Some government’s supporters said the ANC’s false alarm is part of a scheme to paint a negative image of the CDC-led Government.

They questioned why Morris did not find other means to communicate with his family that he was safe. Some accused him of deliberately staying away from his family.  

“So, if or when one’s phone “loses charge”, that means returning home becomes impossible, asked Jacob Doe, in a comment responding to the news that Morris has been found.

Continuing he stated: “Some irresponsible boy there with Cummings having decided to spend the night with away from his wife, and these stooges and zombies of Cummings go about making reckless alarms about some inconsequential, unfaithful, and irresponsible so called husband. Who knows?”

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