Association of Prosecutors Threatens to Boycott November Term of Court over UUnpaid Salaries

The National Association of Prosecutors of Liberia (NAPL) has threatened to boycott the November Term of Court if the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning fails to uphold the promises made to them in a meeting held with members of the Association.

 In a written communication addressed to the Minister of Justice, Cllr Frank Musa Dean, the association cited unpaid salaries and benefits that state prosecutors should receive in order to adequately carry out their functions.

Addressing the Minister in the letter dated November 1, 2022, the president of NAPL, Cllr. Adolphus Karnuah called on the government to fulfill their request as was negotiated in the meeting held, thus providing vehicles for County Prosecutors within the various counties and at the same time increasing the salaries of prosecutors across the country. 

“The current salaries of state prosecutors are unrealistic and unacceptable and the body has resolved those salaries of prosecutors be increased to commensurate the herculean work and task associated with prosecution,” Karnuah noted

He also lamented that the government should urgently address the issue of six prosecutors who were admitted as Counsellor at law; urging that their status be improved in order to accommodate their role. 

Cllr Karnuah said if said requests are not granted, prosecutors across the country will stay away from the court’s term this November. 

“As failure for those demands to be met, prosecutors under this banner will engage in the boycott of courts across the country,” he said. 

He called on the Minister of Justice to communicate with the relevant agencies of government responsible to address their request. 

Meanwhile, NAPL said, it is available for any discussion that will lead to a resolution of the concerns that are being raised.

Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah continues to come under increasing pressure over the ministry’s failure to pay the salaries and benefits of judicial workers.

On Tuesday he was arrested over contempt charges against the Supreme Court of Liberia for refusing the Court’s order to appear before it.

However, the charges were later dropped by Chief Justice Sie-A-Nyene Gyapay Yuoh.

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