At NCSM, Lonestar’s Former Player, James Debbah Sent Out Warning

James S Debbah writes✍️

I experienced an incident at the entrace to the stadium yesterday during the Lofa VS Bassa encounter that had me stunned.

This is unprecedented because i have never experienced this sort of scrutiny before.
I was STOPPED from entering the stadium by the head of the security(LNP -102 Sackor)planted at the entrance of the stadium in the presence of my former players,Tommy Sango and Kpah Sherman)

I decided to be passive and not to create a ruckus because i had my companion with me.
But let be clear on this,the next time this BULLSHIT occur,WE WILL HAVE A PROBLEM!

I did my inquiry.Min.Zoegar Wilson had nothing to do with this,i know where the instruction came from.

Mr.BIG SHOT,take this as a warning,the next time this NONSENSE happens”i will be my own security.”

I am not only a former player/Coach of the National(Lone Star)but a major stake holder.Do you have any idea how much money i have contributed in my capacity for the development of football in this country???
The next time anyone try to impede my entrance to the stadium they will experience the BASSA in me.

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