At UNAG, Pres. Weah Seeks Support to Tackle Challenges of Climate Change and Global Warming

Pres. George Weah is seeking support from the United Nations General Assembly to confront the challenges of climate change and global warming.

According to President Weah, climate change and global warming require immediate and collective global action, including the United Nations as an integral part of this looming challenge.

Addressing the 77th United Nations General Assembly, the Liberian leader said “in so doing, we must give special consideration to the needs of developing countries, particularly, the Least Developed Countries; in line with the Doha Program of Action for Least Developed Countries for the Decade; 2022-2031.”

Working together with the United Nations family, President Weah stated that “Liberia hereby commits to protecting the planet, promoting peace, preventing conflicts, ensuring sustainable financing, and boosting partnerships.”

The Liberia Leader further that the commitment is reflected in the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development which embodies the expression of Liberia’s shared determination to achieve peace, prosperity, and national development; address extreme poverty, inequalities, regional disparities, infrastructure deficits, climate change, and equitable distribution of the national wealth.

This is a developing story, keep following for details.

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