Bility-Karngar-Lawrence’s Feud Keeping Liberty Party Asunder as Aspirant Vows to Go Independent

PAYNESVILLE – A stalwart of the Liberty Party has declared his intention to contest as an independent candidate in District Number Five, Montserrado County in the pending Legislative and Presidential elections come October 10, 2023.

Kwesi Johnson, who contested on the ticket of the opposition Liberty Party in October 2017, as a representative candidate says his decision comes as a result of the ongoing dispute within the Liberty Party.

Addressing a Press Conference at his district office in Paynesville over the Weekend, Johnson stressed the need for peace to be restored within the Liberty Party, adding that his decision is not meant to harm the party.

“My decision to contest as an independent candidate in the pending October polls is based on the current misunderstanding within the Liberty Party,” he said.

“In conversation with my supporters, they told me not to follow Musa Bility’s faction of the Liberty Party, nor Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence’s side, but rather as an independent candidate,” Kwesi Johnson said.

Speaking further, he mentioned that he lost the 2017 election because many of his voters mistook him as Ghanaian, judging from his first name, Kwesi. But he clarified that he is a Liberian and not a foreigner.

“I’m not a Ghanaian, but a Liberian of the Kpelleh tribe. In fact, this name is one reason I lost the 2017 elections in this district, but with this clarity, I believe this has cleared the mind of many Liberians who believe that I am a Ghanaian and don’t deserve to be a representative,” Johnson Pointed out.

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