Bong County Supt Diverts Children’s Christmas Money to Chief and Elders

The Superintendent of Bong County, Esther Yamah Walker has diverted the 300,000 Liberian dollars given by President Weah for children to celebrate Christmas to Chiefs and Elders in the County.

Justifying her action, Madam Walker said having a Christmas party for children is not essential.

She said some of the children’s parents, including chiefs and elders, have been working but have not been placed on the government’s payroll for the past years. Madam Esther Yamah Walker believes diverting the money from the children’s party to chiefs and elders will help them in getting meals on the table for their children during this celebration.

“If the children’s parents have food, the children will be happy to celebrate the season,” Superintendent Walker said. She however assured Bongese that there will be a little celebration or party for the children.

Meanwhie, the distribution benefited little over 162 chiefs and elders with each receiving ld$6,500,000.

By: Allenton Menklee

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