Bong District #3 Representative Cole Brags about Beating ‘Demon Possessed’ Constituent Members- Latest Liberian News

GBARNGA, Bong County – Representative Josiah Marvin Cole of Bong County District #3 said he ordered the flogging of several citizens of his district in a bid to drive the demons out of them.

In February last month, some local dwellers of Gbarnga alleged that Rep. Cole ordered his men to brutalize them on grounds that they obstructed his movement as a sitting lawmaker by closing the motor road leading to his Cotton Tree residence.

The victims said the road in question passes through land belonging to one Joseph K. Binda whose house they were constructing, but Rep. Cole allegedly ordered them to stop the construction project and demanded them to show documents of the land substantiating their claims. In the process, he ordered his men to flog them unmercifully, they said.

Rep. Cole denied the allegation earlier. However, speaking at an event in Bong County on Saturday, he said he ordered the beating of Binda and his children because they defied him and it was his way of teaching them a lesson.

Binda and his children, he said, were possessed by evil spirits that were controlling them to misbehave, as the result, he ordered their flogging to drive the demons out of them.

Justifying his decision, the controversial Bong County lawmaker added that his action was similar to Jesus Christ in the Bible when he ‘flogged’ and drove the merchants from the Temple.

Like the merchants, he said Binda and his children have learned their lessons and will not repeat their actions against him anymore.

“When the children went and took market and carried to Jesus Christ’s house. What he did? He took the switch and whipped the devil out of them. He never rebuked them, he flogged them. Jesus was teaching us that certain demon doesn’t require rebuking. Take the switch and whipped the devil out of them,” he said.

“Do you think that man get the guts to go back and block the road again?” Cole asked his friendly audience and they answered “No, he can never.”

Rep. Cole has been accused on several occasions of misusing his power as a lawmaker to intimidate peaceful citizens. In January 2022, he was accused of ordering his men to beat journalist Bettie Mbayo, her husband Dr. Moses Mbayo, and the principal of St. Simon Baptist school for parking in his driveway. The incident happened when the trio had gone to sympathize with a bereaved friend near Rep. Cole’s residence in Duport Road, Paynesville.

However, the couple was ruled guilty by the Paynesville Magisterial Court after the lawmaker sued them. They complained of unfair judgment and filed for an appeal, but the lawmaker dropped the charges against them later.

By: Albert Fianeh- Bong County Correspondent

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