Bong Sup. Esther Walker Successfully Mediates Long-standing Land Dispute in Gbartala

The dispute was resolved following a one-day mediation session in Yellequelleh District that brought together traditional leaders, youth representatives, and members of both the Muslim and Christian communities.

GBARTALA, Bong County – Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker, along with local traditional leaders, recently played a pivotal role in resolving a protracted land dispute that had plagued the communities of Gbartala in the Yellequelleh District. The dispute had persistently strained relations between the Muslim and Christian communities in the area.

The conflict revolved around a half lot of land owned by indigenous people, situated opposite the Muslim mosque in Gbartala, and had remained unresolved for over four decades.

A one-day mediation session dedicated to addressing the land dispute was convened in the Yellequelleh District, bringing together traditional leaders, youth representatives, and members of both the Muslim and Christian communities.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, Superintendent Esther Walker expressed satisfaction with the successful resolution of the dispute and urged the residents of both areas to maintain the newfound peace. She emphasized the interconnectedness of the two tribal groups in Gbartala and implored them to set aside their longstanding differences in favor of living together in harmony.

Daniel Farjue, a traditional descendant of the founding father of Gbartala City, commended Superintendent Walker for her timely intervention in the land dispute case. He appealed to both the Muslim and Christian communities to let go of their past grievances and coexist peacefully.

Liberia has experienced relative peace since the end of the civil war in 2003, marked by several democratic elections and the establishment of democratic institutions. Nevertheless, land disputes have emerged as a significant threat to this hard-earned peace. The Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission had previously issued warnings about the potential for renewed violence in Liberia if land-related issues were not adequately addressed.

The establishment of the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) and the enactment of the landmark Land Rights Act (LRA) underscore the Liberian government’s commitment to resolving land-related conflicts and promoting peace.

Albert Fania, Correspondent, Bong County

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