Manor, Age 17 Discover Dead at Farmington River in Margibi

A 17-year-old manor identified as Jeremiah Sumo has been discovered dead at the Farmington River in Lower Margibi County.

The late Jeremiah Sumo was a 7th-grade Student of the Concrete Foundation School in Harbel.

According to reports, he left his God Grace Residence with five of his friends Sunday afternoon to fetch Kiss-meat at the Farmington River.

Able Tehmin and Moses Johnson, two of his friends who were on the scene, the late Jeremiah jumped twice in the River and came out with Kiss-meat, but upon his third jump, he was seen struggling to swim out of the water thus leading to his demise.

Speaking to his father in tears, Mr. Junior Sumo said upon the rescue by Divers his son was pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, findings of a 15 men jury reported that there was no foul play and that Jeremiah Sumo died as the result of drowning.

Emmanuel Kangar- Margibi County Correspondent

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