BREAKING NEWS: A Divided NEC, Recipe for Crisis in Liberia

Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC) Headquarters in Sinkor, Liberia

SINKOR, Monrovia- As the political campaign for the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections begins tomorrow, Saturday, August 5, 2023, Kool Online has reliably gathered that Commissioners of the country’s electoral body are divided on a number of policy issues.

As gathered by this network, the Chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Chairperson Davidetta Brown Lassanah on one hand, and the other six Commissioners on the other hand, are not finding it each on the number of issues, thus creating some split.

NEC Chairperson, Davidetta Brown Lassanah

As a result of the internal wrangling, our report divulged that Chairperson Brown-Lassanah was forced to have a press conference to announce the opening of the political campaign as the rest of the six Commissioners informed her that they would boycott any pronouncement on Saturday.

“Fellow Liberians, the National Elections Commission officially announces the start of political campaign to commence at 12:01 in the moning, on Saturday 5th August 2023. The political campaign will end at midnight on the 8th of October 2023. Let us all go into the political campaign peacefully as we move forward to the 10th October 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections” Madam Brown Lassanah said in a press release.

Commissioners of NEC at a gathering in Monrovia who has plan to boycott Campaign pronouncement

Following the press conference, Chairperson Brown Lassanah then held an off-record discussion with reporters begging them not to air the story until Saturday, since it was not the proper time for the announcement, but had to do so under condition.

The reporters, our source said, agreed to the NEC Chairperson, and as such, the announcement would be played as a pre-recording rather than current.

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