Breaking News: Senate Confirms Min. Ruth Coker-Collins as Public Works Minster

The plenary of the Liberian Senate has unanimously confirmed Madam Ruth Coker-Collins as Minister of Public Works in the country.

It can be record, recently the Senate halted Madam Coker-Collins’ confirmation in plenary on grounds that the relevant was under obligation to provided to that body, her performance report covering the period she has acted as Public Works Minister before being renominated by President George Weah.

However, our Legislative Reporter said Madam Coker-Collins was unanimously confirmed by members of that body after the Senate relevant Committee finally submitted the requested document.

Our Legislative Reporter said the Public Works Minister designate appeared for a public hearing in open plenary before the Senate Committee on Public Works and Rural Development and provided reasons for her confirmation.

The Senate has earlier resolved that all committees should request a “performance report” from all officials re-nominated by the President, adding that said the performance report will determine if the nominees deserve another chance to serve their country based on their previous performances.

Meanwhile, the plenary of the Liberian Senate has put on hold the confirmation of Winsley S. Nanka, Deputy Auditor General for Audit Services-designate at the General Auditing Commission.

His confirmation was halted Thursday by plenary based on the failure of the Senate Joint Committee on Autonomous Commission and Agencies and Public Accounts and Audits.

By: Emmanuel Toe

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