BREAKING NEWS: Sheik Bashiru’s Diplomatic Passport is Fake: Investigation Unveils Passport Forgery by Syndicate

Investigation ongoing internationally to ascertain the indictment of Sheik Bashiru in the United States is unveiling serious underworld syndicate activities that could unravel several crimes being committed under the watch of the Liberian intelligence.

Over the last 24 hours, news outlets and social media have been buzzing with news of Sheik Bashiru holding a diplomatic passport belonging to the Republic of Liberia. It followed his arrest by US Intelligence for alleged money laundering and other fraudulent activities.

An investigation by have uncovered that the Liberian diplomatic passport found with Sheik Bashiru does not belong to him, and was not issued to him by the Liberian Government.

The investigation unraveled that the passport belongs to a Liberian diplomat currently serving in one of the missions abroad. The passport in questioned has since expired in 2018.

However, the investigation has not yet been able to establish whether the rightful owner, a female diplomat turned over her expired passport to the Liberian authorities and was issued a new one; and how Sheik obtained such document before falsifying it.

The ongoing investigation uncovered that Sheik Bashiru has legally obtained an ordinary passport with ‘Passport Number PP0113508’, bearing the name ‘Sheikh Bassirou Kante’ which is set to expire in October 2025 (SHEIKH BASSIROU KANTE – Expires in October 2025 – PP0113508).

With these latest twist – the possession of an official passport illegally, is another crime on its own committed against the republic of Liberia, according to legal pundits.

And the next major concern of the Government of Liberia should now be investigating how much of a damage he has committed globally by using a Liberian diplomatic passport -that is if he ever had the chance to use such.

What is clear is the indictee walked the corridors of power in Liberia, boosted of his closeness to the power that be, and his open contribution to the government activities. How the government untie herself from these twists is yet to be seen. Investigation continues.

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