British National Sues Senate’s Secretary Singbeh, Demands US$20 million for Defamation

A British National has filed a lawsuit against Senate Secretary Nanborlor Singbeh to the Civil Law court for Action of Damages and Defamation- Libel.  

In a complaint filed in court, Armstrong Han is requesting that the Senate Secretary is held liable for the amount not less than US$20 million, an attachment as general damages for the emotional trauma, public humiliation, and loss of business reputation that he has built over the years among other things. 

“Wherefore in view of the foregoing, plaintiff prays court to adjudge the Defendant liable for the amount not less than twenty million United State dollars”

Mr. Han, in his letter of complaint to the Civil law Court said Nanbrolor Singbeh referred to him as a fugitive on Interpol  Red Alert and a Syrian/Norwegian fugitive wanted in Norway for crimes allegedly committed against children in that country. 

He contended that he had earlier resolved on adopting a child, whom he said has been provided with every necessity and over the years but due to the defaming publication on his character, he cannot proceed with the adoption process. 

The Plaintiff said, a publication from Heritage Newspaper, November 24, 2020 edition captioned that “Senate Secretary Nanborlor Singbeh Complains Judge Willie of Unethical Behavior- writes Chief Justice Korkpor” which according to him is the reason for the lawsuit filed.

He furthered the  publication was based on a letter addressed to the Chief Justice of Liberia complaining Judge Roosevelt Willie for unethical behavior and for allowing him have access to personal information on his GSM network. Mr. Hans alleged that in Heritage publication, the Senate Secretary had referred to him as a criminal and as such is reputation has been defamed in the business community of Liberia, something he said he had worked for decades to build. 

In the complaint, plaintiff (Armstrong) revealed that he shall request for a subpoena duces ticum to be served on the offices of the Chief Justice of Liberia to produce the original letter written to him by the defendant (Nanborlor Singbeh) and the Clerk of “A” to substantiate and verify the Complaint. 

According  to him, in the Senate Secretary’s complaint,  he  accused Judge Roosevelt Willie of Criminal court A  of unethical conduct, saying that the Judge had allowed Armstrong to get hold of his call log from Lonestar GSM company without his permission. 

The complaint furthered continued:” I have been informed by unimpeachable source that due to unethical behavior of Judge Willie, my telephone number and that of other government officials are being hacked on a daily basis in favor of one Hans Armstrong, a Syrian/Norwegian Fugitive on Interpol Red Alert and Self acclaimed British National”

To the plaintiff (Hans), said action by Nanbrolor Singbeh has caused him general damages including: emotional trauma and public humiliation, loss of business reputation that he has built over the last three decades among other things. 

Armstrong explained that he is a British Citizen and investor in Liberia; thus with businesses legally registered and operating under the laws of Liberia.

He disclosed that he has been peaceful and law-abiding and has never been involved in criminal activity; tried or convicted of any felonious crime in his life time.

The British Businessman narrated that the publication in the Heritage Newspaper has caused him unprovoked attacks on his character, undue shame and disgrace which cannot permit him to interact with his colleagues in the business community both national and internationally.

Armstrong continue that he suffer reputational damage as a consequence of the defaming publication to the effect that his corporation which the Horizon construction and Transportation Company is finding it very difficult to secure any contract from relevant sources.

The Civil law court has however ordered the clerk to issue a Writ of Summon to the Sheriff of Montserrado County to summon the defendant (s) to answer to the cause of action, on the 19th day of September A.D 2022

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