Cash Scarcity Hits Nigeria Ahead of February Elections

Nigerians are expected to go to the poll on February 25 to elect new leaders and if possible maintain some, but the nation is on fire and about to explode, with banks being burnt, in several areas of the country over lack of access to the Nigerian currency, the Naira.

The action of the central bank to change the currency and provide a deadline for businesses and individuals to return all currencies in their possession and have them replaced with the newly designed notes has left the country in chaos, where it is even crippled with the long queues as filling stations, trying to purchase petrol to be used in the cars for business and some other purposes.

The self-inflicted crisis, could not just cripple the economy, it could reduce the number of voters going to the polls to cast their votes for the candidate of the ruling party.

It could also see disruption in many parts of the country on elections day and see the current president call for a state of emergency or an interim government.

However, whichever way it goes, the most populous black nation on earth will once again prove to the world, she is not ready to lead, thereby allowing bad leadership to fully take her place amongst nations of the world, to represent the black race.

With Peter Obi, sensationalizing the youthful population and Atiku holding fast to the North, whilst Tinibu claims the west, with strength from the powers of a government he put in power, the race to asso rock is indeed serious and yet the paths are littered with terrible substances for every candidate sorting their paths to the Presidency of Nigeria.

Every single damage or negative image the country is facing today is going into the elections.

On the production of the currency redesign, the world bank and other international agencies spoke against it, but the government of the day did not budge but instead went on with the plans to change currency.

Whatever the mood, purpose or benefit the change was meant to bring positively, should never be at the expense of the lives of any human, be it Nigerians or none Nigerians.

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