CDC Condemns Verbal Attacks on U.S Ambassador to Liberia, Michael McCarthy

The Coalition For Democratic Change (CDC) has distanced itself from a report of a planned protest against United States Ambassador to Liberia Michael McCarthy.

The report is coming days after the US through its ambassador revealed that those doing certain business with sanction officials may be sanctioned themselves- a move which many members of the ruling establishment see as a calculated attempt to tarnish the government.

Smart news reported that individuals purporting to be supporters of the CDC-led government made unwholesome remarks on a local Radio Station against the United States Ambassador to Liberia, Ambassador Michael McCarthy threatening protest action.

However, the National Executive Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change in a release termed the report as “baseless assertions and the workings of detractors who may be impersonating as Pro-Government Supporters, with malicious intent to tarnish the government of Liberia’s reputation and ruin the cordial bilateral ties between the Weah administration and the United States of America.”

Excerpt: Coalition for Democratic Change, irrespective of the political persuasions of the alleged masterminds of the outrageous utterances, condemns the verbal attacks against the United States Ambassador to Liberia Michael McCarthy, and cautions all members of the CDC to take due cognizance and refrain from making comments considered reckless, offensive and unpatriotic.

The ruling establishment’s release reaffirms its commitment to peace, stability, and the rule of law including the respect for diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to Liberia in conformity with Liberia’s international obligations under the Vienna Convention.

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