“CDC is Looking up for Bloody Elections and for More Deaths,” – Says Naymote

Naymote Eddie Jarwolo says ”CDC is looking up for bloody elections, looking for more deaths.”

PAYNESVILLE- Naymote Partners for Democratic Development through its Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo said the move by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) toting casket bearing the image of Unity Party’s Standard Bearer Joseph Boakai “signifies that the CDC is looking for a bloody election.”

Jarwolo said as a ruling party, parading with a casket bearing the image of a political figure who is still alive means the party needs to do more and preach issue-based politics.  

He said, “the ruling party should run a campaign based on issues, they should be running a campaign based on their record, toting a casket signifies for me that the CDC is looking up for bloody elections, looking for more deaths.”

Partisans of the ruling CDC paraded with a casket bearing images of Amb. Joseph N. Boakai with inscription-Rest in Peace. The parade was performed on the principal streets of Monrovia and ended in front of CDC’s headquarters with key stewards, youths, and executives of the party in attendance.

In attendance included CDC Secretary General Jefferson Koijee, Assistant Minister for Bureau of Correction and Rehabilitation Andie Telawion, and Montserrado District #8 Representative Moses Acarus Gray.

The group of zealous partisans, mostly youth who carried the casket during the parade sang songs with provocative lyrics such as: “Rest in Peace Amb. Boakai. “We tell you to leave this thing but still you say no”.  “Oh, my people, the papy na die oo,” among others.

According to the partisans, the display and parade of the casket was a dramatization and symbolization of the celebration of the homegoing of former vice President Baokai, who is one of CDC’s biggest challengers in the 2023 presidential race.

Speaking to a team of reporters in Paynesville, Mr. Jarwolo used the occasion to call on the campaign managers of the party to control the portion of the youthful supporters and discourage them from getting involved with an act that has the ability to spike violence.   

He said, Liberian youths, particularly those affiliated with political parties’ youth leagues and auxiliaries, should be encouraged to engage in issue-based political activities, including campaigns, while fostering a culture of political tolerance.

According to the Naymote Boss, youth play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of the 2023 elections, and with their numerical strength, they have the collective power to determine the course of leadership in their country.

Tracking Presidential Campaign Promises

With a focus on safeguarding the security and rights of all candidates and parties, Naymote called upon the Liberian National Police to execute their duties impartially. Ensuring the protection of all participants during campaign events is of paramount importance, and Naymote emphasizes the necessity for professionalism in the execution of these responsibilities.

Naymote also informs all political parties and candidates that it is tracking presidential campaign promises for its President Meter Project which will be used to monitor the performance of the elected president against promises made.

The organization has trained and strategically deployed 15 observers across the country, established a Youth Elections Data Centre, and reactivated its Liberia Decides platform with a substantial online following of over 23,000 people to track campaign promises and educate citizens about the electoral process using digital technology.

In addition, Naymote will put out at least 700 volunteers from its various youth programs to carry out civic voter education specifically teaching young people about how to vote and staying peaceful.

In a bid to encourage an informed electorate, the institution is calling on all political parties to publish their manifestos in accessible formats, catering to citizens of varying literacy levels. The organization recognizes the forthcoming elections as an opportunity to fortify Liberia’s peace and democratic progress achieved over the past two decades.

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