Chief Justice Youh Vows to Dispense Impartial Justice

Chief Justice Youh: “The law makes no distinction between men when before it; the high and low here are both on an equal level.”

MONROVIA – Liberia’s new Chief Justice Sie-A- Yuoh has pledged her commitment to upholding the constitution of Liberia in dispensing Justice, regardless of the persons involved.

According to Chief Justice Yuoh,  her administration will strive not to bow down to any other power that be, adding that she owes her allegiance to God, the written law in upholding Constitutional principles of due process that is guaranteed to all citizens and residents of Liberia without fear and favor, and according to her conscious.

“The law makes no distinction between men when before it; the high and low here are both on an equal level. The law, while just, has no sympathy; it neither makes men rich nor poor; hence the claim to be rich can have no influence with it, and to plead poverty can awaken no sympathy.” 

The Chief Justice can be quoted as saying: “My colleagues and I will strive to be like Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of England, who knelt before the throne of the King when taking oath as to his allegiance to the King, but when taking his oath as to the administration of the law, rose from his knees and stood up erect before the King to demonstrate that he owes no allegiance to the monarch or anyone except his God, the written law, and his conscience.” 

During the Opening of the October A.D term of court, Justice Yuoh noted that the court is the last place of hope for man on earth; adding “man’s rights will be fairly and speedily adjudicatd, and that justice will prevail irrespective of the parties involved”

Justice Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh is the third female to be appointed and confirmed as Chief Justice of the Republic of Liberia. 

The Opening of this Term of Court, according to the Judiciary Boss, is historic, because this is the third time the Supreme Court will have a woman serving as Chief Justice within Liberia’s 175 years of independence.

“Since the establishment of the Supreme Court in 1847, the Bench has been graced by NinOne (91) Justices and of this number, only seven (7) women have been appointed and commissioned to serve as Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia, and out of the seven, only three (3) have been elevated to the pinnacle of the Supreme Court to serve as Chief Justices; that includes the current Chief Justice Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh”

Justice Yuoh, however, promised to discourage filibustering by lawyers and clients determined to delay cases in courts through unnecessary legal technicalities just to frustrate the end of justice.

Chief Justice Yuoh made these assertions on Monday during the official opening of the October A.D. Term of the Supreme Court and her seating ceremony.

The Liberian newly Chief Justice at the same time called on Judges and Magistrates to attach importance to the judicial canoe particularly Judicial Canoe ‘5’which states that the court is the last hope of man on earth, adding that they should dispense justice irrespective of the parties involved.

Chief Justice Sie-A- Yuoh amongst other things noted that the pursuit of justice is the very essence for which the Temple of Justice was created.

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