Christoph The Change Marries Longtime Sweetheart In Style

MONROVIA – One of the finest and sweetest things that happened this week is when Liberian hit singer, Christopher Nyenga, popularly known as Christoph The Change announced to his thousands of fans at home and abroad that he has married his long-time girlfriend Kandii Zarr and was finally off the market.

The event took place at the famous Kendeja Resort on Sunday in Paynesville. The ceremony was well attended by famous names in the industry including Kpanto and MC Caro.

As stated, the Trapco guru took to Facebook few hours after the event to formally inform his fans that he is finally off the market and will be reaching out to them very soon.

“To my fans, your supports are precious to me and I’m getting to y’all in a subsequent period of time, but for now, your rapper is finally off the market and has finally found his handbag,” he said.

The ‘Handbag’ singer also penned a romantic and emotionally-driven message to is beautiful wife, thanking her for standing by him in all of his bad times.

My Dear Wife,

Can’t you see what the Lord has done? Your authenticity and selfless nature have really shined during the challenging time. It comforts me immensely to have you cheering me on and aiding me during this journey. Having you by my side makes all the difference. While I was miserable, one of the few things that cracked a smile on my face was your get-well motivations that helped getting my mind off so many.

Wherever my mother is right now, she must be smiling for your overwhelming love and support, I wish she was around today, but I am so thrilled that you kept me in your thoughts and close to your heart to make her dream come through, I don’t think I can ever hope to repay you.

Your never-ending faith in me has always been extraordinary. How can I ever thank you for keeping my hopes and dreams alive? Your sweet thoughts have propelled me forward towards achieving a sense of normalcy again. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and happy to be your Husband for life. Congratulations to us💜

To my fans, your supports are precious to me and I’m getting to y’all in a subsequent period of time, but for now, your rapper is finally off the market and has finally found his handbag, ya🙌

Fans celebrate Christoph

Meanwhile, fans of the Bonny ‘Dust’ singer, who, just in recent months was in the news for all of the bad reasons were full of happiness and showered him wife heart-touching congratulatory messages.

“I’m commenting with tears in my eyes because I’m so happy for you. Congratulations family may God be your protection,” said Suah Gayflor, commenting to Christoph’s post.

Karishman Pelham Raad added: Congratulations CTC.

Eddison Dangan, Jr. wrote: “One thing that you said in ur [your] essay that I love is, Christophe is now off the market and now a handbag to a newly planted marriage. Congratulations buddy. You got my support. May the almighty keeps ur [your] plans tight and indeed grant your newly planted marriage with more blessings.”

Another fan, Albertha Sloh, wrote: “Congratulations to LT City finest, the jue them Bonnie dust, the musical George Weah and the finest rapper, I’m happy writing this big congratulations to you, I remember when I told you my son you can make it and your response was God there. why God can’t do doesn’t exist. I wish you happy married my son. Limitation has been broken in your life my son.”

Georgia Gbarwee: Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Congratulations my darling! All glory to God, and to your darling wife for not giving up on you! You’re such an incredible soul, and you deserve the very best!! Despite all that you been through, I’m glad that you’re able to smile again.!! We as your fans will never stop praying for you you my dear!!! Enjoy the happiest moment, for you deserve it!! I’m so proud of you my inspiration. You’re loved. Once more, congratulations dear.

By Saah F. Kandu, K-News Entertainment Desk

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