Jurors Acquit Four Suspects in US$100 Million Cocaine Case – Latest Liberian News

In the 100million drug burst case at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, Jurors have handed down a unanimous not guilty verdict on the four defendants being tried in connection to the shipping of the container to Liberia.

This means that the four defendants; Makki Issam, Adulai Djalo, Malam Conte and Oliver Zayzay who were charged and indicted by the government of Liberia, earlier this year of the crimes: Criminal Conspiracy, money laundering unlicensed possession of controlled drugs and unlicensed importation of controlled drugs, are free of all the charges against them.

The hearing of the case has been ongoing for the past three months in criminal court “C” at the Temple of Justice in Liberia where the four defendants were tried for alleged their connection in the shipping of the cocaine valued at US$100 million.

The illegal substance was shipped in a container discovered at the TRH trading company on the Japanese Freeway following a tip-off from the United States’ Intelligence community.

The container was later arrested and confiscated at the TRH Trading company on the Japanese Freeway, the outskirt of Monrovia by Liberia’s joint security forces in October 2022.

This news is breaking and detail to follow.

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