Crisis Ridden Maritime Commissioner Nagbe Defends President Weah’s Unprecedented Travels

Monrovia- Maritime Commissioner Lenn Eugene Nagbe, who is on the trip with President George Weah, presented a strong defense against Liberians crying foul over the President’s prolonged travel abroad.

President Weah is currently on an unprecedented 48-day trip abroad to honor several international invitations including the Paris Climate Change Conference, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar where he watched his son Timothy Weah played for the USA, and the upcoming U.S. Africa Leaders’ Summit organized by President Joe Biden.

Mr. Nagbe spoke whilst countering Sen. Darius Dillon, who accused the President of Liberia of expending government’s revenue against the stipulated constitutional rules.

Appearing on the BBC’s flagship program, “Focus on Africa,” Senator Dillon said he would request the Liberian Senate to investigate President Weah’s long trip abroad. But in a counter argument, Mr. Nagbe stated that US$2000, which the President is entitled to, have not in anytime during the President trip been touched from the vault of the Government of Liberia. He added that the President’s long visit around the world has already attracted over US$170 million to infrastructural development of Liberia.

He accused the Senator Dillon of showboating, adding that any investigation will exonerate the President because what is being circulated by critics including the Senator is not the actual fact.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Nagbe has also come under fire to have had his Driver spend US$25,000 to gamble in the Casino and for other negative vices, it is also reported that US$38,000 is unaccounted for at the Maritime Authority office in Congo town, outside of the nation’s capital Monrovia.

It is expected that the Commissioner and the government who pundits believe are building huge obstacles to elections in 2023, will return without a word on many of the leaking actives coming from within their ministries and agencies.

These controversial developments that have plagued the President’s unprecedented trip has sparked public condemnations.

Roland Paye, speaking to Knewsonline, said he was so worried about these allegations, but said “We await 2023.”

Another Liberian, Amara Fofana said: “This too is Liberia.”

For his part, James Sonkarlay offered a prayer for Liberia; saying: “God, please help us. We’re suffering under Weah’s leadership. Please rescue us from the hands of the wicked. Liberia is finished. Jacob Doe is coming with his rubbish again.”

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