Decoration Day Wahala: Double Sale of Land, Using As Dumpsite Heighten

As Liberians across the Country celebrate this year’s Decoration Day, k-news reporters tour various Cemeteries in and out of Paynesville noticing a few things that need urgent attention from the government of Liberia.

Cemeteries visited include but are not limited to the following: Voker Mission, Du-Port Road, Neezoe, Thinker’s village, King Gray, Nimba United, Soul Clinic, and Johnsonville cemeteries.

These cemeteries seem to be misused by some community dwellers, creating health Hazards, and leaving Citizens with no alternative but to seek government interventions.

Speaking to this station Madam Janjay Menyongar, a resident of the Neezoe Community expressed dissatisfaction with the form and manner cemetery owners are managing their respective sites before and after Decoration Day.

According to her, a passel of Land was purchased at the Neezoe cemetery for her husband’s burial but was surprised to see another person claiming ownership.

Madam Menyongar pointed out that the dual sale of spots by cemetery owners is unhealthy for a Country that is still fighting to have sustainable peace.

According to her, these vices have the propensity to undermine the hard-earned peace of the Country.

Madam Menyongar is calling on the government of Liberia headed by President George Manneh Weah to end burling at cemeteries that are already full as means of ending confusion during Decoration Day.

“I was at home they call telling me the nonsense that they are putting another person over my brother’s grave and I disagree but just to come today am not finding my brother’s grave,” Menyongar said.

Unlike the Neezoe community, the cemetery in Voker Mission has been closed to the public due to a lack of space.

Commenting on measures to curtail the dumping of dirt in the cemetery, Chairman Newon Boyle noted that the local leadership has recruited twenty-five young men as means of preventing Citizens from using the cemetery as a dump site.

The Voker mission cemetery is a historical site and hosts President George Manneh Weah’s mother’s grave.

By: Daniel Cole & Emmanuel Toe

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