Deputy Education Minister, Latim Dathong Rallies Students’ Support For Pres. Weah’s Reelection on Decorations Day

Latim Dathong, Deputy Education Minister

The Deputy Education Minister for Administration, Latim Dathong is encouraging students and youth to compare and contrast the 170 years of existence of Liberia and the six years of governance of President George Weah before making their vital decisions on October Tenth this year.

According to Min. Dathong over the last 170 of years existence, previous governments have not been able to make Liberia look like Dubai but in the last six years of President Weah’s administration, young people can take the West African Certificate Examination test free and attend university free of charge.

A cross-session of students at the decoration day program

The Minister boasted about his association with a government, he said is renovating all public high schools throughout the length and breadth of the country since the 1960s.

“This is the only President I have seen in my life that will offer free education to all college students just less than one years into governance,” he said.

“This is the only President in a lifetime to declare support for education and has taken a giant step in practicalizing his desire for support.” Min. Da-Thong added.

Minister Dathong spoke at the program marking the 107th National Decoration Day organized by the Ministry of Education in Monrovia Wednesday.

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