District Education Officer Bans Schools from Welcoming Alexander Cummings to Maryland

PLEEBO, Maryland County – With just a day to the arrival of the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Mr.  Alexander B. Cummings to Maryland County, the District Education Officer (DEO) of the Pleebo School District, Sceres B. Doe has warned school administrators to abort their Planned decision to give Mr.  Cummings a rousing welcome with a street parade.

Mr. Doe was just appointed as Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) – Maryland County Chapter.

Doe’s decision comes in the wake of massive awareness through various mediums including radio, social media, intellectual centers and street corners over the pending visit of Mr. Cummings to Maryland this Saturday June 10.

The DEO’s decree has been greeted with staunch condemnations from the public including opposition figures and Cummings’ supporters, who termed the ban as a political witch-hunt.

“Mr. Cummings is a citizen of Maryland County who has been making contributions to the government schools.  This whole DEO and Political Chairman decision is not in our interest,” said a caller on a local radio station in Pleebo.

But defending his action, Doe told K-news’ correspondent in Maryland via mobile phone late Thursday evening that Mr. Cummings is just a political figure and not a government official, and as such, it will be against the educational ethics to subject the students to dress in their uniforms and welcome him.

The DEO, however, clarified that any student or school administrator who wants to be part of the welcome ceremony, is of liberty, but should do so in his or her own name, and not in the name of the school. 

“Cummings is not a government official. Why should students dress in uniforms to meet Cummings?  We don’t want to see it,” he said.

Cummings’ visit to Maryland, his home county, marks his first trip to the southeast since he handpicked Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine as his vice standard bearer for the October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

DEO’s action Equates to Nimba Officials’

Meanwhile, observers and critics have linked DEO Doe’s action to that of pro-Weah officials hailing from Nimba including some lawmakers accused of coercing the Local government officials in that county including statutory superintendents, commissioners, city mayors and town Chiefs to pledge their support to the re-election bid of President George Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor.

K-news gathered that last Saturday, the local officials were jammed and locked up at the Peace Empire Hotel, owned by Associate Justice Yamie Gbeisay, a Weah appointee, to affix their signature to a resolution pledging their support.

Some of the local officials, citing anonymity, said, most of them are not in favor of the idea, but are doing so for fear of losing their jobs.

Despite the warning, some were still hesitant to sign, and as a result, the organizers rescheduled another meeting to be held in Karnplay, Nimba County.

Some of the Nimba officials accused include Deputy Commerce Minister Wilfred Bangura and others who were expelled from the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) Party of Senator Prince Y. Johnson and a group of Nimba County lawmakers including Representatives Prince O.S. Tokpah (District #2), Joseph Nyan Somwarbi (District #3), and Johnson N. Gwaikolo (District #9).

However, in separate responses, they all denied the allegation, and said the local authorities are making the decision at their freewill. 

By Peter P. Toe, Jr, K-News’ correspondent in Maryland

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