‘Don’t Forsee Shortage,’- Petroleum Importers Association Tells House Leadership

The President of the Petroleum Importers Association of Liberia (PIAL), and the code of officers including Petroleum importers in the Country, have assured that the Country will not experience any shortage of petroleum anytime soon as things are on course.

The statement was made in a daylong meeting with the leadership of the House of Representatives Wednesday, 5th October.

According to a release, the LPRC represented by its Deputy Managing Director for Administration Stanley Ford said that currently there are 14 license importers with four storage terminals.

“We’re expecting Eleven Thousand metric tons of Petroleum despite what’s happening globally” Ford asserts.

Mr. Ford says as a regulator, the LPRC Storage capacity has grown from sixty-one thousand metric tons to now seventy-three thousand metric tons.

He further stated that all petroleum products brought into Liberia are fully tested by Laboratory technicians before they are satisfied for onward distribution.

LPRC uses what he calls the ASTM Test Methods for the Analysis of Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants.

The Petroleum Importers Association acknowledged the quality of petroleum products brought into the Country.

For her part, Petro Trade CEO, Marwan Hindaw said on the issue of vendors being imported from his entity purchase from PSTV based in Dubai and MOCOH in Geneva.

The House leadership is concerned over the upgrading of the quality of gasoline on the Liberian market as many have complained of their vehicles damaging as a result of low-grade Petroleum and sometimes the water in the gasoline.

The meeting was attended by Aminata & Sons, Petro Trade, Gboni, NP, Nexium, Mayoubah & Son, and the LPRC as a regulatory body.

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