EFFL Accuses ECOWAS of Being Controlled by Western Powers to Cause Political Instability in Sub-Region 

CIC Emmanuel Gonquoi says ECOWAS is being used by western colonial powers to cause instability in the sub-region

MONROVIA-The Economic Freedom Fighter of Liberia (EFFL) through its  Commander in Chief (CIC) Emmanuel Gonquoi has accused the Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS) of being a controlling puppet being used by Western Colonial powers to cause destabilization and political instability in the sub-region.

Speaking to reporters, Gonquoi urged ECOWAS to desist from being a “puppet of Western colonial powers”.

“EFFL urges ECOWAS to exercise self-examination and reflect on its founding manifesto and desist from being a puppet of colonial powers. The too many Western influence on our democracy is weakening our leadership. For this, we all must rise up” said Mr. Gonquoi.

The Pan-Africanist condemned the desires of ECOWAS and its Western Allies for military intervention in Niger. He said, while EFFL believes in the tendency of democracy, its restoration should never be misused in the context of what is happening in Niger.

“We strongly believe that any military intervention at the moment in Niger would be catastrophic in totality for the region. EFFL insists that mediation efforts should continue with the military leaders in Niger and not any form of grandstanding by use of foreign military intervention” he noted.

Mr. Gonquoi believes that the region has become vulnerable to military actions because of terrible leadership on the part of governments in power and to stop these military leaders from seizing power in an undemocratic way, sitting Presidents must conform to the tenets of good governance.

Using Liberian as a case study, Mr. Gonquoi disclosed that President George Weah weakened the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and violated the Laws and ECOWAS has done nothing to keep the President in check- a move he said has the ability to spark military actions.

He used the medium to demand ECOWAS withdraw any form of military intervention supported by the West. The initial mediation efforts should continue with time table provided to the military leaders for a smooth transition in returning the country to democratic rule” Mr. Gonquoi vowed.

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