EFFL Accuses ECOWAS of Colluding with Government to Rig October’s Elections

CIC Emmanuel Gonquoi accuses ECOWAS of plotting with President George Weah to rig the Country’s upcoming Presidential and Legislative elections on October 10

By: William K. Howard

LIBERIA: The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) has accused the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) of plotting with the Government of President George Weah to rig the Country’s upcoming Presidential and Legislative elections on October 10.

The EFFL was recently certificated by the NEC to operate as a full fledge political party in Liberia.
On the 5th of August 2023, the National Elections Commission declared a campaign opened for all presidential and legislative candidates across the country.
But addressing a major press conference at their headquarters in Congo Town, the party said, since the start of the elections, ECOWAS has been involved with the campaign process something he said is a genuine plot by the ECOWAS to steal these elections results in favor of the ruling government of former soccer legend George Weah.

“We want to be categorically clear that it is not the business of ECOWAS to impose a government on the Liberian people. We are very clear that their responsibility is only to monitor the elections and confirm the general results,” the EFFL’s CIC Gonquoi said.

Gonquoi, without showing any evidence, said ECOWAS’ intention and attitude towards rigging the elections for Weah amounts to a coup de ’tat which he says will now give the CDC a comfortable second term in office at the detriment of the already suffering citizens.

Team EFFL during a press conference

CIC Emmanuel Gonquoi warned that an attempt to tamper with the election result by ECOWAS and their accomplices will receive devastating consequences from them (EFFL).

‘’We will deal with members of ECOWAS who are here in Liberia without any mercy. We will ensure that our democracy becomes protected, not by people who will come to attempt to impose a government of their choice on our people,” Gonquoi warned.

ECOWAS has been a leading advocate of peaceful, free, and transparent elections. In May, the ECOWAS and the National Elections Commission (NEC) organized political parties and independent candidates to sign the Farmington Declaration affirming their commitment to peaceful and transparent elections.

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