EPA Exonerates Bea Mountain over Water Pollution Allegation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has acquitted Bea Mountain Mining Company (BMMC) of water pollution allegations in Jekandor, Grand Cape Mount County.

According to the EPA report, a technical team from the agency completed a final round of environmental assessment and water quality testing declaring that it is save for the usage by citizens of Jekandor and its surroundings.

It can be recalled that the environmental protection agency has reportedly blamed the spillage in Grand Cape Mount County that led to the population of creeks, rivers and the death of aquatic species on Bea Mountain Mining Company (BMMC)

The EPA launched an investigation to establish the fact relating to the allegations, thus instructing its high-level technical team on May 25, 2022 to visit the communities and conducted scientific investigations downstream to assess the quality of the water, probe the authenticity of all alleged pollution and trace plausible source (s) of population.

The EPA added that the analysis result showed higher than permissible level of free cyanide with source from the BMMC tiling storage facility resulting in to a corresponding reduction in dissolved oxygen level.

However in an EPA released signed by the head of media and corporate communication on August 8, 2022, “a technical team from the Agency completed a final round of environmental assessment and water quality testing on the Marvoe Creek downstream of the New Liberty Gold Mine in Grand Cape Mount County and is pleased to report that all parameters tested are appreciably below the permissible limits set by the EPA.”

The Agency at the same time reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring a clean, safe and healthy environment for a succeeding generation.

By: Winifred Sackor- Intern

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