EPA Threatens drastic Action Against Citizens Building Structures on Wetlands

Professor Wilson Tarpeh, Executive Director of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has vowed to take drastic against structures currently build on wetlands across Liberia.

According to Professor Tarpeh, the action of Liberians to continue to build on wetlands is undermining the integrity of the Country’s fragile ecosystem and is unacceptable.

“We will breakdown and deconstruct all structures build on wetlands across Liberia”, he threatened.

The EPA is a government autonomous agency responsible to, among other things, protect and manage the environment and to ensure that Liberia is on path with its counterparts in meeting its international obligation to protect and manage all Wetlands in Country.

Speaking Tuesday August 9, Prof. Tarpeh said the Agency will not hesitate to stop all actions that are destroying the Country’s Wetlands.

He discouraged the cutting of Mangrove trees and backfilling of swamps by citizens in the Country. Tarpeh further noted that the increasing wave of destruction of wetlands especially in Monrovia and its environs is embarrassing and needs to be addressed in the soonest, possible time.

“Wetlands play a major role in the ecosystem for inhabitants which include Mangroves, water lilies, algae, and animals species, sponge of the environment, absorption capacity amongst others,” he noted.

He said despite the numerous intervention of the EPA, people living in Monrovia continue to destroy wetlands which have severe consequences on the environment.

The EPA Boss disclosed that pollution of wetlands is giving rise to water borne diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, Cholera and other diseases.

He named Johnsonville, Gardnerville, Tweh Farm, Duazohn, Joe Blow Town, along the RIA Highway as areas where people are in the regular habit of violating the environmental which is causing crocodiles and snakes entering in some dwelling places and threatening the lives of many people in that part of the Country.

“The EPA is warning all those involved in such act to desist immediately from all harmful practices that continue to destroy Liberia Wetlands or face the weight of the law,” he stated.

By: William Howard

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