Ex-Vice President Boakai Wants Liberians Vote President Weah, Official out of Power for ‘Looting’ the State

MONROVIA – Former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has called on Liberians to vote President George Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) out comes 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections owing to their alleged mismanagement of the state.

“We must rise up and seize this moment. We should not give these rascals more years of anguish, stealing, and public mismanagement. We should issue Mr. George Weah and his gang of thieves red cards in 2023 and make them accountable for bad governance and the ills done against the State and its people,” former VP Boakai said.

The former VP was speaking in response to the US Government sanctions against three of Weah’s officials.

The Unity Party Standard Bearer called on president Weah to take swift action in dismissing the Minister of State Nathaniel McGill, Bill Twehway Managing Director of the National Port Authority and Solicitor General Syrennieus Cephus; noting that their present in Government will only harm the Country and its people.

He said: “Although the sanctions imposed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is highly targeted and selective, however, in view of this latest development and the culture of corruption pervasive in this government, I am demanding swift actions from President Weah to at the minimum terminate his Minister of State, the Solicitor General, and the Managing Director of the National Port Authority. Their continued presence in government at that high level despite years of public outcry over corruption will only but plunge the country and the people into further worsening economic woes.”

Amb. Boakai alleged that since the ascendency of President Weah, he and his officials have been using their power to loot public resources for their personal benefit at the expense of the ordinary citizens.

He added that the sanction of three key officials of the Weah-led Government is an evidence on how group of individuals in government has put Liberia in a stranglehold; something he says has created a reputation that undermines the standing of the country in the international community.

Amb. Boakai furthered that the threat and consequences of the sanction go beyond the corridors of power in Washington DC and the capitals of other countries in the sub-region.

At the same time the Unity Party’s Standard bearer demand that president Weah launch an investigation in his government and deliver a comprehensive report to the citizens and international community before honoring and invitation from President Joe Biden to attend the forthcoming summit on Democracy in the USA.

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