Ex-VP Boakai Rallies Nimba Citizens ahead of 2023 to Complete Legacy of ‘Great Sons’

GANTA, Nimba County –  Former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has called on citizens of Nimba to support the Unity Party’s bandwagon comes 2023 to complete the rich legacy of their ‘great’ son, Jackson Fiah Doe.

The late Jackson F. Doe, then Senator of Nimba County was a founding member of the Liberia Action Party (LAP), and with the huge support from other parties that were barred from participating in the 1985 Presidential election, JFD was the overwhelming favorite but was denied the presidency when the election was rigged by Samuel Kanyon Doe, then Military Head of State.

Speaking in the Commercial city of Ganta following an invitation by a pro-Boakai group over the weekend, Ex-Vice President Boakai said it was time for citizens of Nimba and Lofa to unite behind the Unity Party to win the 2023 presidential and legislative elections to continue the legacies of their “great sons”.

“In my current capacity as Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, I do declare and let the record show that the grand Unity Party also belongs to the people of Nimba County. And this is why, we together, Nimba and Lofa, must lock arms and march with gallant unpretended to meet the fore in October 2023 to finish the work that Jackson F. Doe, Edward B. Kesselly, Gabriel Kpolleh, and others started,” he said.

Fresh from his nomination as the Unity Party’s standard bearer, his presidential bid continues to garner momentum, beginning in Nimba County where the UP enjoyed huge support that helped its back-to-win in 2005 and 2011.

The UP standard bearer was invited to the ‘metropolitan’ City of Ganta over the weekend for the launch of the group “The Movement of Concerned Former Local Government Authorities and Eminent Citizens of Nimba in Support of Boakai.”

There, he was received by a large turnout. He thanked the citizens for organizing the ‘Movement’ and a warm welcome accorded his delegation.

The party suffered a huge loss in 2017 when the citizens of Nimba backed then-Senator George Weah to secure a comfortable win en route to the presidency.

The UP Standard Bearer said even though in 2017, Nimba did not deliver the presidency as expected to the Unity Party, his trust and confidence in the county remain even stronger than ever before. 

“2017 is behind us, and 2023 is just ahead of us! So, my people of Nimba County, let us do the right thing this time to the memory of Jackson Doe and other great sons of Nimba County that have passed on!”

“We together must ensure in 2023 that Liberia is rescued from the shackles of Bad Governance, Corruption, degradation, local and international public disrepute, and the culture of impunity, meted against the people of this great country by this current leadership and government.”

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