Exit of Weah Sanctioned officials signaling positive change in government, ruling party?

MONROVIA – As President George Weah departed for the United Nations General Assembly in New York, he left the Minister of Justice in Charge of governance with a mandate to oversee functions till he returns.

The Acting President will now coordinate with the Vice President and work the phone lines with the President as he engages the world from the United States of America, the Nation just a few weeks ago placed sanctions through the Treasury on three key members of the Weah-led administration.

It is only a few days to the UNGA that we saw these sanctioned and suspended elements resign with dramatic letters of each that could for movie scripts, most especially that of the former Solicitor-General who placed blames fully at the footstep of the man whom the president has put in charge of the government as he departed from Liberia. It simply says a lot about the level of confidence the president has in the very man the former SG whose future in politics, business, and litigation of law is unknown.

This is the first major sign that the changes from the sanctions are indeed creating their own transformation within the Weah administration and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

For the first time since the dawn of the CDC government, President Weah met with Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor at his Executive Mansion office. Many have attributed such a meeting to the exit of former Minister of State for Presidential Nathaniel McGill.

It is rumored that McGill has allegedly been blocking the Vice President from having access to President George Weah. Though there have been no details of what the President and the VP discussed, analysts say this could be the beginning of the restoration of a cordial relationship between the two who have had a strained relationship.

Critics and strong partisans of the CDC are now speaking out clearly. They are speaking to the expressive facts that statements made by Mulbah Morlu, and a host of others who created outbursts some years ago were struggling to keep the party and the hope of the masses alive, but were trashed and considered enemies of the party.

The recent CDC national retreat in Bong County put the icing on the cake as VP Jewel Howard Taylor tasked the party’s chairman, Mulbah Morlu, to ensure that all members who left the party for various reasons returned fully reconciled with the party.

“Mr. Chairman, we have to bring everybody home. Whatever it takes we must reach out to them, maybe some people may not want to come back but let’s make the effort because President George Manneh Weah is the President for all Liberians whether here at home or in the diaspora,” she said.

The VP, who was instrumental in the election of Weah in 2017 has been quiet both in governmental and party affairs. Observers believe that her visibility in recent days is one of the positive changes happening in the government and the CDC.

With President Weah designating the Minister of Justice to take Charge of governance with a mandate to oversee functions in consultation with the Vice President until he returns, and the ruling party through its Chairman and VP Taylor extending an olive branch to disenchanted supporters, pundits and observers are now questioning whether the exit of Weah sanctioned officials is behind the cordiality currently being experienced in government and the ruling party.

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