Faith & Justice Network Condemns, Sierra Leone Violence, Call for Restraint

The Faith and Justice Network (FJN) has condemned violence in Freetown, Sierra Leone that led to the death of peaceful citizens.

The Faith and Justice Network is a faith based, non-partisan coalition of churches and church-related institution working within the Mano River Basin Countries.

According to the organization’s Regional Executive Director Rev. Dr. Tolbert Thomas Jallah Jr., FJN fosters stronger social actions, ecumenical advocacy initiatives to eliminate social and economic injustices through local churches.

Dr. Jallah noted that it enable faith communities to ensure that human rights and rule of law are reinforced in order to maintain durable peace.

“FNJ, as an agency that fosters peace and justice, is alarmed by the report of protests in the Sierra Leonean Capital City Freetown and its environs on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 which have culminated into violence and deaths of peaceful citizens of Sierra Leone. This poses strain on the healthy system that is already constrained,” he said.

Speaking further, the regional director said the FJN acknowledges the fundamental rights to peaceful assembly for all people in a democratic society and affirmed that citizens have the right to be heard in an inclusive progressive society.

At the same time, he said FJN also hold the view that protests and demonstrations should be conducted in adherence to the rule of law.

Rev. Jallah at the same time disclosed that the organization is concerned with the reversion of violent activities within some of the Mano River Union Countries that are threats to the development of communities; especially at a time when the region is recovering from a violent past.

 He noted that FJN maintains that peace is the pre-requisite for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal in all areas in society.

“In this respect, FJN strongly condemn the destruction of lives and properties as a way of exhibiting dissatisfaction. Such actions are naive and retrogressive as they have long term repressions on the livelihoods of the general citizenry.”

He added the Board of Directors of the Faith and Justice Network categorically rejects governance through impositions and threats, and advocate for dialogue, coexistence and justice for all.

Meanwhile, the organization recommend that aggrieved parties within the MRU Basin find peaceful and non-violent alternatives to resolving conflicts to avoid further obliteration.

They, however called on all leaders within the Mano River Union to act as peacemakers in their different capacities and to mediate for a peaceful resolution of conflicts on national scale.

“We call on the Head of States and Authorities within the MRU and the ECOWAS not to leave any stone unturned in bringing those responsible for the street violence to justice. There will never be peace without accountability-we are accounting on you” he added

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