Family Cries for Help to Treat Ailing Son from Unknown Sickness- Latest Liberian News

PAYNESVILLE – A couple living in Rock Hill Community, GSA road has made a passionate appeal to government and Non-governmental organizations, as well as humanitarians, to help save their twelve-year-old son from a strange skin disease.

The Couple, Evelyn Gbelee and her husband, speaking to K-news explained that their son, little Stephen Zoe was only thirteen months after birth when he caught the sickness they thought was a fungus.

At twelve years, the disease has taken over Stephen’s body, affecting his feet, hands and anus. As the result, they said he is constantly in unbearable pain, and now neglected by his friends.

Madam Gbelee said she and her husband have taken Stephen to several hospitals and other medical facilities and met several doctors, but there has been no treatment, and they have been advised to seek advanced medication abroad.

Evelyn Gbelee- little Stephen Zoe’s mother speaking with K-NEWS in Zeon Town Community

She said they have been advised by Doctors that the Sickness cannot be treated in Liberia. She made a direct appeal to her lawmaker of District Six, Representative Samuel Enders and others to help save her son’s life.

“I am asking the government, the people of Liberia, Representative Enders and People in the US to help my child. He’s dying from this terrible sickness. “If he’s around his friends, they always provoke him. My people [your], please help me to save my son.” 

little Stephen Zoe’s father speaking with K-NEWS in Zeon Town Community

Also speaking to K-news, Stephen’s father, Patrick W. Zoe narrated that he and his wife have exerted all efforts to find the right treatment for their son, but all their efforts have been in vain.

“We have tried our best but we are not seeing any result, and that’s the reason we came to the radio station.” Patrick said the disease has made the surface of the boy’s skin very hard and rough, and sometimes leaks out pause, making his friends and other relatives to stay away from him.

Little Stephen also joined his parents in making a passionate appeal for financial or any other meaningful assistant to help save him from the unbearable pain.

“My name is Stephen Zoe I want you people to help me. This sickness is really killing me slowly. My parents have tried their best and the doctors told them to fly me out of Liberia.”

Meanwhile, Stephen’s parents can be reached on +231777657790 or +231886145164.

By: Daniel Cole

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