Family Seeks President Weah’s Intervention to Free Liberian Citizen Languishing in Ivorian Prison

MONROVIA –   The family of a 28- year old Liberian citizen, Jerry Sam, languishing in an Ivorian prison is appealing to President Weah to intervene and see how best the detainee could get freedom.

Sam, a resident of Teaplay Zayelay BUU-YAO in district #5, Nimba County was illegally arrested on March 6, 2021 by Ivory Coast where he had gone to purchase some personal effects. 

During his arrest, he was accused of planning to join an unknown group to fight the Ivorian Government. The family members have attempted on several occasions to ascertain the fact from the military General Karmbo, who did the arrest, but they have not been able to meet him.

Currently, Sam health is reported to be declining by the day and if the Liberian government fails to intervene, could lose his precious life since he’s left to the mercy of God’s grace.

All efforts exerted by the family members seeking the possibility of Jerry’s  freedom has fallen on the ice, as justice is not served and he continues to languish in poor health condition.

According to his 26 years old younger brother, Chris G. Sam, his brother Jerry Sam is still in pre-trial detention with limited access to lawyers. According to Chris, the family who survived through subsistence farming in Nimba, were asked and assured by some Ivorian authorities to pay US $2,000 to release their Sam. The family, he said, has spent over the above mentioned requested amount but unfortunately, Jerry is still behind bar.

The mother of the detainee and some family members met with some Ivorian authorities to access the judicial response to the arbitrary arrest and detention of Jerry and they were requested to pay the amount of US $2,000.

“The family members including the entire dwellers of Teaplay Zayelay town are asking the President of Liberia Dr. George Manneh Weah through the Foreign Ministry to kindly intervene and release one of our innocent son, Jerry Sam who is suffering from all kinds of abuses in the overcrowded prison in the Ivory Coast,” the citizen said in a statement.

The residents added: “Up to present, it has not been possible to ascertain the factual information surrounding the misinformation that led to this illegal detention in the context of this alleged crime as the authorities did not provide this information, and the family members were not allowed to visit the prison despite their formal request.”

They family Teaplay Zayelay townspeople complain that the detainee is suffering in the already overcrowded prison. They also complain that he has limited access to medical treatment and lawyer. 

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