Liberia: Father Ambrose Kroma Commemorates 25 Years of Dedicated Priesthood, Encourages Liberians to Embrace Hope and Service

MONROVIA – In a heartwarming celebration marking his silver jubilee, Father Ambrose Kroma has ignited a sense of optimism and dedication among all Liberians, irrespective of their faith, urging them to nurture hope, serve their nation, and embrace their spiritual calling.

Exactly a quarter-century ago, on August 9, a young Liberian, who grew up in Buchanan and Monrovia, was ordained as a Priest of the Catholic Church. Father Ambrose Dayouga Kromah’s remarkable journey culminated in his ordination at the Sacred Heart Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Monrovia after completing his priestly studies in Accra, Ghana.

Father Kroma’s path to priesthood was not without hurdles. By the time he completed high school, he has already made up his mind to become a priest. He started in Liberia, but because of the war, he and his fellow seminarians located in Sierra Leone. When war broke out in Sierra Leone, he moved to St. Paul’s Seminary in Accra, Ghana. At the tender age of 24, he completed his studies at in the Ghanaian capital. However, adhering to established norms, he awaited his 25th birthday to officially assume his priestly responsibilities.

Reflecting on those challenging times during an exclusive interview, Father Kroma recounted how his studies in Ghana coincided with the turmoil of Liberia’s civil war. Despite the distance, he drew inspiration from fellow Ghanaians and other Africans who committed themselves to serving their nations. “At age 24, I had to wait for my birthday… It was incumbent on us to answer this call, to inspire people that were affected by the war,” he said.

Upon returning to Liberia, Father Kroma’s devotion to his calling took him to various corners of the globe, from Bomi to Rome, the United Kingdom, and the United States, where he furthered his studies and expanded his spiritual insights.

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