Flood Disrupts Citizens’ Normal Activities in Most Parts of Liberia Amid Heavy Rains

Flood Disrupts Citizens’ Normal Activities in Most Parts of Liberia Amid Heavy Rains

Climate change is posing no small challenge to the lives of people across Liberia through flooding. For the past few days, there has been a heavy downpour of rain, washing away homes, and impeding the movement of people among others.

In Nimba, the flooding situation cut off the main road for pedestrians which include hundreds of citizens that were trapped across the flood along the Saclepea to Kahnnwee road in the county. Vehicles stuck in the middle of the water as passengers used footpaths to further their journey; sometimes trekking for hours.

Saclepea to Kahnnwee road in Nimba County

Kahnnwee is a town located in Saclapea administrative district and Electoral District 7, Nimba.
This is the second time this year for a flood to take over the main road in that part of Nimba. Nimba County is a tropical rainforest land in Northern Liberia and is one of the largest producers of Agriculture commodities in the country.

Flooded Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex with commuters hopping home

Like rural parts of Liberia, the urban areas are also being affected by the flooding situation. On Tuesday evening, social media was also filled with photos of Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex with commuters hopping home. Sporting activities were also postponed in the area due to the flood. Across Monrovia and its surroundings, commuters and residents were stranded as most of the streets and neighborhood were inundated by flood.

Flooded Zazay Community

In Zazay Community, Paynesville a major bypass used to transport students of the University of Liberia to and from school, as well as commuters was overtaken by the water, disrupting normal flow of traffic.
Tricycle, known as Kekeh, motorcyclists, and cars were stuck in the waters. The situation has left many expressing concerns and calling for help.

Stella Ozioma. E. wrote on social media platform: “[It] is not easy, rain want to carry us from this side… Liberia rain no be funny.”


Liberia has climatic season including the dry and rainy season were evenly distributed with the later beginning from mid-April to mid-October, while the former starts from October to the middle of April. But in recent years, there have been longer rainy reasons characterized by severe flood that leaves residents homeless and disrupting people’s lives ; something scientists has attributed to climate change.

This is not the first time a situation to occur in the country, while the government is trying to solve this situation, they need to fast-track their approach before it becomes too late.

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