Football match in Egypt abandoned after twelve minutes of play over players’ protest in demand of wages

An Egyptian Second Division match was called off after 12 minutes on Friday because one team had an insufficient number of players.

Media Sporting started the game against Tersana with eight available players after others had refused to play, saying they had not been paid.

Tersana scored two early goals before at least one Media said he was injured and the match was halted because the rules state that a team must have a minimum of seven players on the pitch.

“The team did not withdraw and as a respect for the (Egyptian) Football Association, we decided to participate with eight players and without an available goalkeeper, and some participated despite their injuries,” Media board member Farag Al-Gamal told local media.

“Some players complained of injury and their inability to complete the match, so the referee decided to cancel it,” he added.

Media are bottom of Group B in the second division, with two games remaining in the season.

This is the first of its kind to take place in Egypt, especially in a second division match.

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