Former Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo, Remains Resolute Amidst Criticism

PAYNESVILLE – Despite facing unwarranted criticism and stereotypes, former Miss Liberia, Wokie K. Dolo, is determined to serve as the voice of the people in District #6 through various development initiatives, should she be elected as a representative in the upcoming October 10th elections.

Miss Wokie K. Dolo, a former beauty queen, is one of seven female candidates vying for the representative position in the district, amidst a crowded field of 15 candidates, including the incumbent lawmaker Samuel Enders.

Wokie Dolo’s vision for the district is centered around impactful development projects, with the aim of becoming the next Representative of District #6 by October 10, 2023.

Addressing the criticism surrounding her past as a beauty queen, Dolo remarked, “Those who are talking about my dress should be informed that I’m not the first to wear bikinis at a pageant show. This is a criterion that was set even before I was born, at the Ministry of Information for all those wanting to participate in the beauty pageant.”

Dolo emphasized that her advocacy experience has fueled her desire to represent the people in the legislative assembly. She stated, “When people don’t perceive us as decision-makers, it’s disheartening. I have served as an ambassador for this country on the international stage and have mentored many young Liberians.”

Dolo pointed out that District #6 hosts high-ranking government officials, including President George M. Weah and former Vice President Boakai, yet the district continues to lag in development. She noted the prevalence of substandard infrastructure and a lack of essential social services.

She criticized the current representative, asserting that despite the district’s challenges, it has been inadequately represented for too long. She cited her deep understanding of the community’s needs as a driving force behind her candidacy.

Highlighting her impressive record representing Liberia internationally, Dolo asserted that she is well-suited to lead her constituents toward the development they urgently require.

She pledged to construct modern facilities to benefit the underprivileged if elected as the district’s next representative.

As part of her development agenda, Dolo disclosed that she has already provided safe drinking water to several communities within and around District #6 through the Wokie Dolo Foundation, established in 2016 to assist underprivileged Liberians.

The foundation also offers capacity-building programs and scholarships to disadvantaged youth within the district.

Road connectivity and access to safe drinking water, among other essential needs, are key components of her development agenda, Dolo stated. She emphasized, “When you visit the district, you’ll see the root causes of the primary challenges. The district requires more than just a bag of rice, and while schools and hospitals are important, road connectivity is a pressing issue.”

In closing, Dolo addressed her critics, assuring them of her readiness to lead the district effectively, regardless of her previous profession as a model.

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