Former Montserrado County Lawmaker Wolokollie Condemns McGill’s Statement Attributed Against Him

Former Montserrado County Lawmaker, Dusty Wolokollie has termed as nonsense, statement made by Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill during his appearance on a local radio.

According to Mr. Wolokollie, Minister of claimed that what he has achieved in four years is by far greater than Mr. Wolokollie’s achievements after serving the country for decades.

Mr. Wolokollie, firing back, stated that in four years, the Minister of States has only amass material wealth for himself by stealing the Country’s money, while claiming that he, Wolokollie has struggled for the benefit of the citizens of Liberia.

The former lawmaker made the comments at a press briefing Monday, May 30 in Monrovia.

There have been words of war between Wolokollie and McGill in recent days over disagreements the CDC-led Government handling of the country.

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